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Paper: Gettysburg Times 
City: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania  
Date: Monday, January 17, 1916
Page: 2

Meteor Explodes Before Bank and Church

Many Fearing End of the World Fall Prostrate Before Pastor, Returning 
From Services

Washington, Pa., Jan. 17. - Residents of West Alexander were roused from 
their beds by the explosion of a meteor, which struck the earth in the 
center of the town's business district. 

Terror-stricken, the Inhabitants ran out, fearing the world was coming to
and end and not knowing what dire calamity had befallen.

The heavenly visitor had fallen in front of the West Alexander National 
bank, and the next thought of the towns people was that an attempt had 
been made to rob the bank, which, with several other buildings, had been 
damaged by the explosion. Posses were immediately organized and a 
search began. Father Weber, of St. Joseph's cathedral, who is something
of an astronomer, solved the mystery of the meteor and the posses dispersed.

Rev. J. G. Deeds, pastor of the Methodist church, was returning from a 
country prayer meeting when the meteor fell, and was probably the only 
witness. People runing from their homes in wild scream found him standing 
near the scene of the explosion, and they began to fall on their knees in 
prayer, begging the clergyman to implore mercy for their souls. The more 
practical-minded, however, saw the damaged front of the bank, and 
immediately assigned a more earthly and highly criminal cause for 
the explosion, and the hunt for the bank robbers began.

When it was found that other buildings, the Methodist church included, 
had been damaged, the terror began again with renewed vigor.

It was not untill Father Weber made his investigation that calm took the 
place of storm in the little town. He explained that the head of a meteor
rushing through the air had caused it to explode when it struck the 

Many meteors have fallen in the Ohio vallery in the past, but none of them
stirred up half the excitement which this one did. Some of the townspeople
are still unconvinced that the falling of the meteor is not the omen 
of a terrible catastrophe to come during 1916.

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