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Tom michguy7 at mac.com
Fri Feb 9 16:03:44 EST 2001

Hi All,

Here is the news about Meteorite Fall from last Feb 5th. I contacted our
news station to send me a transcript. Heres what they said.

16-year old Shawn Coleman was walking home from a friends hour--when he saw
something shooting down from the sky--into his front yard.

Shawn kicked snow on the flaming rock to cool it off--then ran in to show
his family.

The Coleman's called FOX2--to report their discovery---and we got right on
the case.  We had Shawn speak with an astronomer by phone--who told the 
teenager he may actually have found a meteorite.

The only way Shawn will know for sure is to have the rock analyzed by an
expert. Either way--its a once in a lifetime experience.

Thanks for your interest in FOX 2!
FOX 2 Webmaster

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