[meteorite-list] Flaming rocks.........another story.

John Gwilliam jkgdiver at primenet.com
Fri Feb 9 18:41:37 EST 2001

List Members,
Let me apologize in advance if any of you consider this a waste of 
time.  Most of us are quite serious about the business of meteorites so a 
little humor once in a while can be refreshing.

About a month ago, a customer called me and was very excited to announce he 
knew where we could find a meteorite.  Refusing to give me details over the 
phone,  he requested we meet at a point half way between our two residences 
- about a two hour drive for me.

Once we met, he proceeded to tell me this story.

  Two friends of his, a married couple, were vacationing on a houseboat on 
Lake Powell.  Lake Powell is a huge impoundment of water on the 
Utah/Arizona border and is held in place by Glen Canyon Dam.  Right after 
sundown, the women saw a large, bright burning object speeding through the 
sky.  Within a matter of a few seconds, it hit the water and created 
a  huge wave.  Being only a quarter mile or so from the "splash zone", the 
couple pulled anchor and motored over to the spot. Estimated time from 
impact to their arrival at the spot - 15 minutes.  This was where I 
interrupted him and asked how they knew the exact spot of the impact on 
such a large body of water.  "It was easy", he replied, "they could see it 
still glowing under the water."

After following up on dozens of these goose chase "meteorite stories", I am 
convinced that we live in a world full of gullable folks that possess very 
little common sense.

Have a good weekend,

John Gwilliam
John Gwilliam Meteorites
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Tempe  AZ  85285

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