[meteorite-list] Meteorite Fall In Yorkshire?

Ron Baalke baalke at zagami.jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Mar 1 11:41:09 EST 2001


'Meteor' Crashes Into Yorkshire Field
March 1, 2001

Police have cordoned off a field after a meteor crashed into the ground in
North Yorkshire.

A woman walking her dog heard an explosion followed by a rush of air as she
walked near a field at Hopgrove, near York. She saw a smoking crater in the
ground, said a North Yorkshire Police spokeswoman.

"A curator has been down from the Yorkshire Museum and has identified that
we do have a meteor and a suitable crater for it to sit in."

The area was cordoned off by police following the incident.



Dog Walker Tells Of 'Meteorite' Shock
March 1, 2001

A woman who saw what is thought to be a meteorite crashing to earth has
spoken of her shock.

[Image of hole]

Silvia Mercer says the rock crashed into the ground near York just yards
from where she was walking. Mrs Mercer was with dogs when the crater
appeared on the edge of a field close to her home in Hopgrove.

"It was very frightening. It was a bit of a shock," said Mrs Mercer. "I
thought my last moments had come. I was very shaken. It could have hit me.

"I heard this terrific bang and then a smaller bang and when I looked around
there was a big cloud of smoke.

"There was a hole in the ground with smoke bellowing out of it. I had no
idea what it was."

Army bomb disposal experts from Catterick are at the scene.

Police cordoned off the area and stopped traffic from entering Hopgrove Lane
South, where the crater appeared.

PC Peter McCreedy said the hole was 10 inches in diameter and at least a
metre deep.

He said it started making popping and cracking noises, believed to be caused
by background radiation.

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