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Here's the article you requested:

New York Times, March 11 1897, p. 1



One Man Rendered Unconscious and the Head of a Horse Crushed

Parkersburg, West Va., March 10. -

A meteor burst over the town of New Martinsville yesterday. The noise
of the explosion resembled the shock of a heavy artillery salute, and
was heard for twenty miles. The cylindrical shaped ball of fire was
forging along in a southwesterly direction when first discovered. The
hissing sound of the fire could be heard for miles, and the smoke gave
the meteor the appearance of a burning balloon.

When the meteor exploded the pieces flew in all directions, like a
volcanic upheaval, and solid walls were pierced by the fragments.
David Leisure was knocked down by the force of the air caused by the
rapidity with which the body passed, before it broke. The blow
rendered him unconscious. One horse had its head crushed and nearly
torn from the trunk by a fragment of the meteor, and another horse in
the next stall was discovered to be stone deaf.

The coming of the meteor was heralded by a rumbling noise, followed in
an instant by the hissing sound, and immediately the ball of fire,
spitting and smoking, burst into full view, and before the people had
time to collect their senses, the explosion occurred.

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