[meteorite-list] Newspaper Article, 04-19-1906 Cemetery Meteorite

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New York Time
New York City, New York
Thursday, April 19, 1906
Page: 10

Cemetery Workman Digs Up One Buried for Twelve Years

Special to The New York Times

RAHWAY, N.J., April 18. - John Godfray, in excavating for a monument today
in Hazlewood Cemetery, dug up a meteor fragment weighing 25 pounds. It 
seemed to be composed of fused minerals, glass, stone and steel. There is
a mixture of vari-colored stones intermingled through the otherwise gray

Tweleve years ago Keron Kiernan, keeper of the cemetary, while at work 
one afternoon, heard a whistle, like escaping steam, coming through the 
clouds overhead. Then came a bright light, an oder of sulpher filled the 
air, and about fifty feet from where he stood a missile buried itself in the
ground scorching the grass about and melting the gravel where it fell. 
The opening showed the object to have buried twelve feet deep. Since then 
it has gradually worked to the surface.

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