[meteorite-list] NPA 05-04-1951 (Meteorite) Meteor Kits Donkey?

MARK BOSTICK thebigcollector at msn.com
Thu Nov 25 13:42:56 EST 2004

Paper: Portland Press Herald
City: Portland, Maine
Date: Friday Morning, May 4, 1951
Page: 31

Meteor Hits Donkey?

     Police of Cape Town and surrounding areas have been hunting for a 
donkey killed by a meteor fragment. The report of the occurrence was made 
late one night by an excited native who appeared at the Diep River, South 
Africa, police station to tell of a fiery object that come out of the sky 
and killed his donkey. The report came just after many people had seen a 
ball of fire with a green tail in the sky. The police, not much interested, 
told the man he had come to the wrong station - should have gone to Grassy 
Park. Later, neither he nor a dead donkey, could be found, however.


Clear Sklies,
Mark Bostick

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