[meteorite-list] NPA 05-18-1886 Two Hundred Ton Meteorite

MARK BOSTICK thebigcollector at msn.com
Sat Sep 25 12:04:26 EDT 2004

Paper: Reno Evening Gazette
City: Reno, Nevada
Date: Tuesday, May 18, 1886
Page: 2


     A Washington, Pennsylvania dispatch says:  After months of search, 
Professor Jonathan Emery of William and Mary college, has discovered the 
aerolite which fell in Washington county, September fourteenth 1883.  
Professor Emery says it is the largest aerolite on record, and weighs fully 
two hundred tons.  Its composition is chromium, nickel, aluminum, copper, 
magnesium and tin.


Mark note:  This is the article, that spawned the "Aerolite Liar" article 
referred to a few times on the list.


Clear Skies,
Mark Bostick

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