[meteorite-list] 1900 era New York Times Meteor Wrong Articles

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A few New York Times meteoritic articles from the same time period.

Clear Skies,

Paper: The New York Times
City: New York City, New York
Date: Friday, July 13, 1900
Page: 2 (of 12)


Visitor from the Heavens Explodes and Wrecks a House.

Special to The New York Times

NEW ORLEANS, La. July 12. - The village of Bellefontaine, in Webster
County, Miss., thirty miles in the interior from this place, was the scene
last night of the fall of an aerolite, or meteoric stone, which completely
wrecked the large storehouse of Hodge & Mabry, and destroyed the stock of
goods contained in it.
The fall of the aerolite occurred between 9 and 10 o'clock, during a
perfectly clear moonlight night. The destruction of the building was
preceded by the appearance of a ball of fire passing swiftly through the
air. It gave off during its passage enough light to greatly increase the
light from the moon. As it came near a loud explosion was heard and a shower
of fire burst forth from all sides of the blazing mass, having the
appearance of hundreds of falling stars. The storehouse was wrecked
simultaneously with the explosion.
The explosion of the aerolite caused a report like the sound of distant
thunder or the roll of far-away cannon. The debris of the house is being
cleared away in search of the aerolite. It has not yet been found. Some of
the searchers say that its velocity buried it in the ground. Others assert
that the stone shattered into meteoric dust when the explosion occurred.
Many cinders of a gray gritty metal appearance have been found in the


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