[meteorite-list] NPA 08-05-1952 Lincoln La Paz Meteor Mystery Solved

MARK BOSTICK thebigcollector at msn.com
Thu Nov 25 13:46:53 EST 2004

Paper: Dixon Evening Telegraph
City: Dixon, Illinois
Date: Tuesday, August 5, 1952
Page: 7

Oh, THAT'S Easy!

     ALBUQUERQUE - (AP) - University of New Mexico scientists got out their 
Geiger counters, their laboratory equipment and their microscopes.
     For days they studied the mass of black, porous material sent to them 
as the possible remains of one of the mysterious green fireballs. It was 
sent to them by a Macon, Ga., school teacher who said it apparently landed 
on her sidewalk in liquid form.
     Finally, desperate, Dr. Lincoln La Paz, head of the university's 
Institute of Meteoritics, showed the stuff to his wife.
     Mrs. La Paz looked and sniffed and then proved:
     You can puzzle a scientists, but you can't fool a housewife when it 
comes to burned toast.


Clear Skies,
Mark Bostick
Wichita, Kansas.....birthtown of Lincoln La Paz

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