[meteorite-list] 1944 08-20: Meteor Hits Water Tank

MARK BOSTICK thebigcollector at msn.com
Fri Oct 29 21:47:29 EDT 2004

Paper: Nebraska State Journal and Star
City: Lincoln, Nebraska
Date: Sunday August 20, 1944
Page: 4

Meteor Hits Water Tank

     A meteor that fell recently landed in a galvanized water tank at the 
Henry Obermiller farm, east of St. Paul, has attracted considerable 
     The falling meteor was not seen and was unknown until the next morning 
when Mr. Obermiller discovered both his water tanks were empty. 
Investigation disclosed a hole the size of a silver dollar has been burned 
in the bottom of the tank, with the molten formation still attached to the 
galvanized portion of the tank.  It was then recalled by the Obermillers 
they had heard a strange sound the evening before which sounded like a big 
swish of water but it did not attract their attention too greatly and no 
investigation was made.  With the discovery of the meteor, it seemed likely 
that it was the cause of the sound heard the night before as it struck the 
water with terrific speed and heat.
    Examination of the remains indicates that the meteor has qualities of 
metal. It is heavy and yet can be scratched and presents bright appearance 
like lead.
     Had the object, small as it is, had fallen so as to strike any of the 
fine buildings on the farm, a fre would have resulted, Fortunately the 
damage caused is as small as it is.

- Howard County Herald.


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