[meteorite-list] NP Article, 08-1883 Organic Carbon in Meteorites

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Title: Reno Evening News 
City: Reno, Nevada 
Date: Friday, August 31, 1883

Mons. Daubree has analysed a meteorite, which fell in the province of Eutre-Rios,
in the Argentina Republic, and finds that it contains iron, lime, magnesia and
carbon in an organic form. The last discovery leads him to hope that
he may some day find organic remains in a meteorite. It may be
recollected that Sir William Thompson, in 1871, suggested that idea that
even living organic germs may have been brought to the earth by meteorites,
and that the present animal an vegetable life of our planet had its origin 
in the germs thus introduced. This speculation gives a special interest 
in any remains or other evidence tending to show that meteorites, 
or the worlds of which they may have once formed a part ever bore living forms.

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