[meteorite-list] NPA Nov. 12, 1928 - Meteor Frightens Natives - Philippines

MARK BOSTICK thebigcollector at msn.com
Sat Sep 11 17:16:29 EDT 2004

Paper: Decatur Herald
City: Decatur, Illinois
Date: November 12, 1928
Page: 6


    BOHOL, Philippines, - A huge meteor roaring through the heavens by night 
and exploding with a tremendous detonation terrorized the inhabitants of 
    Following the explosion, which was like a tremendous thunderclap, the 
entire province was lighted up by a great flare.
    The meteor fell behind some mountains and searching parties have started 
to look for the exact spot.  This was the third meteor whose fall in the 
Philippines has been recorded.


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