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Jeffrey Shallit elvis at graceland.math.uwaterloo.ca
Sat Feb 24 20:26:59 EST 2007

Ask and ye shall receive:

"Little thing like a meteor fails to discourage bride"
New York Times
December 8 1929
p. E1

Special correspondence of the New York Times

Belgrade, Nov. 20. - The heavens "blessed" a bride in unwonted
and unwelcome form in the village of Zvezvan today. As the wedding
party was nearing the church a meteor fell into one of the carriages
immediately in front of that in which the bride was seated.

One of the wedding guests, a man, was killed, the woman sitting
opposite him was badly injured and the bride fainted. The crowd
scattered in panic, but after a brief delay the marriage was
duly solemnized.

The meteor, which was glowing hot, measured forty centimeters in

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