[meteorite-list] NPA 12-1952 La Paz, Utah Meteor Crater Wrongs

MARK BOSTICK thebigcollector at msn.com
Sat Jan 3 18:47:31 EST 2004

Paper: Independent Record
City: Helena, Montana
Date: Friday, December 10, 1952
Page: 3

Southern Utah's Craters Not Made by Meteors

Alburquerque, N.M. - (AP) - Dr. Lincoln La Paz, head of New Mexico 
university Institute of Meteoritics, said Thursday that four small craters in 
southern Utah weren't from meteorites.

He called an apprasial by a colleague that they were from a meteorite fall 
"one of the most embarrassing scientific blunders of recent years."

The craters were caysed by dynamite blasts, Dr. La Paz said.

He took issue with published remarks of Dr. Richard N. Thomas of Utah 
university and the Harvard observatory about the craters near Antimony, Utah.

Thomas wrote that members of a party he led to the craters agreed they 
were produced by a recent meteorite fall. His views were in the October
issue of Harvard's journal of astromony, "Sky and Telescope."

La Paz made public a statement by Van A. Wiley of Antimony that the craters
came from detonation of dynamite left over from a ditch blasting project.
Wiley said he supervised the detonation of the old dynamite.

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