[meteorite-list] NP Article, 12-14 1915 Large Meteorite Kills Three Dogs

MARK BOSTICK thebigcollector at msn.com
Sun Jun 15 04:56:52 EDT 2003

Title: Fairbanks Daily Times 
City: Fairbanks, Alaska 
Date: Tuesday, December 14, 1915
Page: 1

Three Dogs Are Killed On the Trail and Driver Is Stunned
DAWSON, Dec. 12. - One of the strangest accidents recorded in this district
occurred Saturday when a monster meteorite fell on the Yukon telegraph
line, near Nahlin, south of Atlin, and killed three dogs being driven by
Lineman Andy Johnson, and stunning Johnson so severely that he failed to
regain consciousness for hours. Johnson was traveling about fifty feet 
behind the sled. The meteorite made a hole in the earth fifty feet in diameter.
The wire was broken and appeared to have been subjected to a terrific
 heat. Johnson has apparently entirely recovered.

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