[meteorite-list] 1895 Newspaper Article, Boat hit by meteorite

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Paper: Manitoba Morning Free Press
City:    Winnipeg, MB
Date:   May 8th, 1895
Page: 3


     The report that the steamship Nexsmore, at this port from London, had 
been struch by a meteor, briefly noted in the papers the day following her, 
arrival, has attracted wide attention from those interested in ocean 
phenomena.  Capt. Richardson gave a very careful description of the icident, 
with the atmospheric conditions prevailing at the time.
     March, 29 the steamship was off the southern end of the Newfoundland 
banks.  The day opened perfectly, and at noon a good observation was had.  
At 12:30 o'clock the weather chunged; a dense and black fog suddenly set in, 
completely enveloping the steamer.  At this moment, without any warning 
whatever, a terrific explosion was heard, coming from the direction of the 
foremost top pole head.  A vivid flash of a whitish color accompanied the 
explosion, and small particles of what appeared to be a white-ash matter 
were seen to fall to the deck.
     Of course all hands were greatly startled, and Capt. Richardson, who 
was on the bridge, stopped the steamship.  Explaining his astonishment, he 
said that he at first thought that some man-of-war had fired a shell at him. 
  Recovering his composure, and finding the vessel all right, she was 
started ahead again.  An examination of the fore pole showed a splinter of 
wood projecting from it at right angles, and a sailor was sent aloft to 
investigate.  He found the pole split across and downward for three feet.  
The paint was burned off the entire lenght of the pole.
     Directly after the explosion a heavy rain set in. lasting about twenty 
minutes.  Then the rain ceased.  the fog lifted and the sun came out 
brillantly for about thirty minutes, when the fog again surrounded the 
vessel.  The meteor, or whatever it was came from an easternly direction.  
At the time the wind was light from the south.  There was no lightning 
before or after the explosion.  - Boston Herald

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