[meteorite-list] Newspaper Article, June 13, 1887 German Meteorite Fall?

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Fri Oct 4 10:40:41 EDT 2002

Paper: The Evansville Daily Carrier
City: Evansville, Indiana,
Date: Monday Morning, June 13, 1887
Page: 4


It Strikes the Earth in German Township.  Causing Consternation.

Among the People and Creating a Panic Among Animals and Fowls

    Considerable excitement was created among the people in German 
township Saturday night by an immense meteor striking the Earth 
with great force.  The heavens were lighted brilliantly as the immense
body approached the ground and the sound is said to have resembled
the noise caused by a train of cars in full motion.  As it passed through
the air it left a trail of fire, which seemed to be formed of small 
particles of star shaped matter, which were emitted from the large
body, and as these busted a smell of sulpher was plainly distinguishable.

    When the mass struck the earth it cause it to tremble so violently 
that many thought a volcano had burst forth from the small bill on which
the meteor struck. 

    Some idea of the effect of this wonderful meteoric display can be had, 
as the people were struck with terror, and this must have been the case 
for the cattle and swine, as they set up the most unnatural bellowing and
squealing, running pell mell through and over the fences of the 
enclosures where they were kept and scattered over the surrounding farms.
In two or three places near the scene of the disturbance, large numbers
of chickens were struck with roosting in trees surrounding the farm houses,
and these set up a cackling , which lasted for a moment, when one by one
they took wings and flew to the woods, their alarm being so great that few
of them could be captured yesterday, and most of them, it is thought, will
have to be hunted with dog and gun.

    Many of the people felt the peculiar sensations experienced by taking
hold of an electric battery and those nearest to the place where it struck
were unable to stand, but the disturbance was only a short duration and
no bad result was occasioned.

    From a gentleman who visited the locality it is learned that the mass 
imbedded itself deeply in the earth, and from the size of the surface exposed,
which is oval shaped, he think it would weigh at least four thousand pounds,
and looks to be a solid piece of flint, which upon trial, resisted that action
of a stone-cutter's chisel. 

(Mark note: A search in Meteorites A to Z does not show any
 meteorite falling at this time.)

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