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Paper: The Landmark
City: Statesville, North Carolina
Date: Thursday, June 24, 1886
Page: 1

An Aerolite Liar

Correspondence of The Landmark.

     This statement appeared in a Washington, Pa., dispatch of May 27:
"After months of search Professor Jonathan Emerick, of William and Mary
College, has discovered the aerolite which fell in Washington county
September 14, 1885.  It was found imbedded deep in soil, on Frederick
Miller's farm, two miles north of Claysville.  Professor Emerick says it is
the largest aeroliste on record and weighs fully 200 tons.  Its compostion
is chromium, nickel, alumnium, copper, magnesium and tin."  A reply was
received from Postermaster Scott stating that the report "is a canard," no
such aerolite having fallen.
     There seems to be some person in the associated press who makes it his
business or pastime to invent aerolite discoveries, for it has been kept up
for a number of years.  The first instance I can now recall was the alleged
fall near Fort Worth, Texas, of an aerolite a mile in width.  When I read
the press dispatch I telegraphed to Fort Worth and ascertained that the
statement was a lie out of the whole cloth.  Then, in 1878, there came a
dispath from some place in Arkansas, stating that an aerolite had fallen
there and killed a farmer in his bed.  I investigated that statement and
found it was false.  Again, in 1882, it was reported in a press dispatch
that an aerolite as large as a hogshead had fallen in Georgia.  I made
diligent inquiries only to learn there was no truth in the report.  Two
months ago a press dispath from Washington stated that an aerolite had
fallen in that city.  It only proved that the liar had got around in the
direction.  there canards have cost some expense for correspondence and
telegraphy, and the friend should be killed.



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