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Paper: Coshocton Tribune  
City: Coshocton, Ohio  
Date: Wednesday, July 29, 1925
Page: 3

SIOUX CITY, Ia., July 23 - Local scientific circles are greatly interested
in the reports of falling meteors at Ponca, Neb., and at Hot Springs, South Dakota.
Twice within the last six-months a meteor has fallen near the Dennis O'Flaherty
home, three and one-half miles west of Ponca.

The latest heavenly visitor was about ten inches in diameter and reached
the O'Flaherty home about ten o'clock at night. Mr. and Mrs. o were
awakened by a loud hissing noise and saw a ball of fire strike an electric light
wire and fall to the ground, where it burned for some time. The electric wire fell
across the barbed wire fences and electrocuted two steers that were standing
by the fence. The electric current followed the barbed wire to the a gate post
and scorched it where ti have already been scorched by a meteor that fell near t
he post six months before


The O'Flahertys watched the fireball for several hours. At 6 o'clock the next
afternoon Mr. O'Flaherty and several of his neighbors dug up parts of the
meteor and found it still too hot to handle

Near Hot Springs A. A. Hardin was driving along the highway when a bright,
comet-like flame swept over the sky. He saw a brilliant red fire ball fall in a pasture.
Hardin left his car, climbed the fence and ran to the spot where he saw the
fire ball land. A column of smoke was rising from the grass. He discovered the
smoke was emanating from a red hot object, smaller than a baseball - a meteor.

The meteor had torn a large hole in the ground.

Later when the meteor cooled the metal mass was weighed and found to
be exactly two pounds heavy.

Mark note: I could find no other reference to these possible meteorite falls
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