[meteorite-list] NP Article, 09-1922 Meteor Discharges Gas In Its Flight

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Fri Jul 4 10:29:33 EDT 2003

Paper: Gettysburg Times  
City: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania  
Date: Tuesday, September 12, 1922
Page: 6

Meteor Discharges Gas In Its Flight
Explosion Shatters Windows and Fumes Almost Overpower New Jersey Residents

Asbury Park, NY - A meteor, discharging gases flashed through space to 
the south of here and disappeared in a thunderous roar, frightening 
residents of many coast towns.

Window panes in residents in Tools River were shattered by the explosion,
and the gases, polluting the atmosphere for more then a quarter of an
hour, compelled the residents to hold dampened handkerchuefs to their
nostrils. In Lakehurst many of the buildings were shaken, but the
gases were not noticed.

The astmospheric phenomenom is said to have last for about a minute. 
Only a tiny streak of light at first, it became beautifully colored as it 
neared earth and at times appeared to halt momentarily in space,
adopt a new  course, then zig-zag back again.

The meteor fell into the sea, about a mile off shore, at Seaside Park,
35 miles south of here, with an explosion that shook residences 
and threw spray to a great height. Volumes of steam then arose,
and drilling ashore, nauseated many.

The meteor is described as having the appearance of a gigantic 
airplane on fire.

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