[meteorite-list] Re:[meteorite-list]I prefer but.ugly

Dave Andrews dandre10 at cybertrails.com
Wed Aug 29 04:12:39 EDT 2001

Dave Freeman directly implied:

> I think my 1/2 pound  Nantan shale-bark yellowbrown  flaky ruster is my
>  most favorite ugly meteorite representation that I posess...'course, I
>  don't have any Holbrook antelope pellets yet... like some do...   How do
>  they rate on the beauty list?
Dearest Dave,
I can't believe you used the words: Nantan, ugly meteorites, Holbrook,
and antelope pellets all in the same sentence.  Holbrook ugly???
Desert-goat droppings???  I've prepared a special webpage just for you.


The Udder Dave

Re:[meteorite-list]I prefer but.ugly

David Freeman dfreeman at fascination.com
Wed Aug 29 11:04:09 EDT 2001

Dearest Udder Dave and List;
O-o-o-o-h-h-h-h,  H-o-l-b-r-o-o-k!   D-o-h-n-u-t!   H-o-l-b-r-o-o-k!

Well, the picture of the pile of  "Ultra weathered ones that have real crust" 
 still reminds me of non magnetic items deposited by ruminid mammals, 
lest you have trained sheepses to eat iron filings...nice crust...err... surface desiccation.

Anyone who hasn't looked over the pictures yet, should.   They are very nicely done.
 http://strewnfield.tripod.com/freeman.html  Presented by Dave Andrews in a very convincing manner.

Thank's to the  BIG Udder,
Da' udder udder Dave (F.)

[meteorite-list] I prefer but.ugly

John Gwilliam jkgdiver at primenet.com
Wed Aug 29 10:36:01 EDT 2001

Dave and List,
The finds at Holbrook are not antelope pellets. They are bunny "pellets" 

which, according to John Blennert, are not rated by their looks, but at 
classified according to taste.  Evidently, this was a technique perfected 
by some of the meteorite hunters from Tucson when they had trouble telling 
the difference between actual meteorites and the bunny droppings. JB calls 
simply refers to it as his "taste test" and I've heard it is very accurate.


John Gwilliam

[meteorite-list] I prefer but.ugly

goldmaster goldmaster at gci-net.com
Wed Aug 29 20:41:49 EDT 2001

Hi John Q , Dave F  ,the Udder Dave and All

I,ve heard my name mentioned (my ears as well are getting long and fuzzy ,
and work real good these days) !!!! :o) I guess I should take offense at my
taste testing technique (with a ... grin)??? But it's OK after awhile
they start tooo taste pretty good !!!! :o) You guys shouldn't knock it till
you try it !!!! Now if I could only keep my nose from twiching long enough
to hop on outa hear !!!
Happy Huntin John B.

[meteorite-list] A bunny of another story

Paul Harris paul at meteorite.com
Wed Aug 29 20:16:58 EDT 2001

Hi List!

A few years ago my daughters were hunting with Jim, Alan Gayda 
and myself. After a couple of hours we went back to camp.  My youngest
 daughter and I were sitting in my van and she wanted to show me
all her neat finds.  As she started to unload her bulging pockets she said.

"Daddy, look at all the neat little round rocks I found!"

I said "Lauren... those are rocks... that's rabbit poop!"

I next heard a horrible "YEWWWWW!" and you never saw a little lady empty
her pockets so fast in all your life... (One of Dad's treasured moments!)

Jim, Alan and I cracked up for quite a while. She must have cleaned up 2
square miles of desert that day!

Still brings an ear to ear grin to my face.