[meteorite-list] meteor-wrong collections

[meteorite-list] meteor-wrong collections

Southwest Meteorite Lab swmtlab at goodnet.com
Fri Jul 27 23:08:59 EDT 2001

Have you ever seen a Wingstar?
One of the most comprehensive collections of Meteor-wrongs ever published
was The Discovery of the Wingstars, Volume I and II. No kidding this guy
takes the cake. His name is Russell T. Wing. They are full of plate after
plate of quartz, petrified wood and limestone meteor-wrong. He published
these full color books in the 60's and 70's. 
In the front cover he writes
He sent them to prominent meteoritist of the time, "from the Wingstar
Research Society founded on evidence and dedicated to research
terrestrial-type meteorites." 

His own dedication says "The world often ridicules and gags before it can
swallow and digest a revolutionary innovation or discovery".

H.H.Nininger was quote in the book as saying, "This the most beautiful
meteorite I have ever seen- if it is one... No one knows what a quartz
meteorite looks like."

A meteor-wrong classic!
But that's not all he also has a fascinating theory on tektites...
He he he kit  

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