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The goose that survived crashing into a meteorite only to be savaged by a fox!

London, Feb 5 (ANI):

A goose survived being hit by a 9lb meteorite and crashing into a car only to fall prey to a hungry fox.

And, witness to all this was Brit postman Adrian Mannion who was enjoying his morning cup of tea with wife Fiona when the bizarre set of events unfolded.

According to Mannion, the Canada Goose was left dazed when after banging into a meteorite, it fell headlong into his cars roof, causing 2,500 pounds worth of damage.

However, there was no reprieve for the bird, for a hungry fox then grabbed it dragged it away before the Mannions could rescue it.

We heard two almighty thuds and rushed out to see this large, odd-looking rock next to our Mini and a very poorly-looking mangled goose on the car roof, The Sun quoted Mr Mannion, as saying.

A flock of Canada Geese were overhead so the falling stone must have hit the poor creature.

Mrs Mannion added: It has to be the unluckiest bird ever. It survived being knocked out by a meteorite only to be savaged by a fox.

The meteorite is now being studied by researchers at the University of Derby. It is one of only 1,000 asteroid fragments that hit earth each year.

[meteorite-list] Amusing Meterwrong story...I think!!!

ensoramanda ensoramanda at
Sat Feb 2 16:29:49 EST 2008

Hi All

Just had this forwarded to me from my Astronomy group....made me laugh
out loud...but I suppose I had better have a look at it as its local!!!

Link to picture at the end...

Subject: Meteorite

Dear Aly

I hope you don't mind me contacting you but we called the news room on
Wednesday and although they called us back we think they might have
thought it was a wind up because it was the same day Jeremy Beadle died.
Please bear with me as this is totally strange but true. I have sent an
image to the University to see what they think

I live just up from the university on one of the service roads on
Kedleston Road . On Wednesday we had a very strange incident. No I am
not going daft this is true.

I have attached an image of a rock like object that appeared on the road
at about 16.30 hrs. It weighs 4kg and appears quite sandy but is a type
of substance I have never seen before. There are remnants of it on the
road where it has appeared to have bounced (although no pot marks) for
about 50 metres. My first thought was that it was a meteorite but people
have since said it might be volcanic lava which has got into a jet
stream following a volcano eruption last year.

Now here is where it gets weird. At exactly the same time a large flock
of Canadian Geese were flying over, which is not unusual as we live near
Markeaton Park . One dropped out of the sky and landed straight on to
the roof off our MINI which was on the drive at the time and caused
£2000's worth of damage to the car so much so that the whole roof has to
be replaced. This will be covered by the insurance but it was fun trying
to explain it to them :)

Could it be possible that the rock has hit a bird on the way down which
has then crash landed on he car ??

I can hear your office laughing from here but I can assure you this is
perfectly true. If you would like me to e-mail you the full size image
please let me know. Also if you would any more details please also let
me know.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your hearing from you soon.

Mini Regards

Adrian & Fiona Mannion
The British Mini Club Web Team
Picture here....any comments?

Heading for Tucson in a few hours.... :-)

Graham Ensor, UK

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