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Educational Links

Preview by crater Washington U. Database of Wrongs Dept of Earth & Planetary Sciences provides 300+ photo gallery of wrongs - Excellent
Preview by crater Cascadia Meteorite Lab - MeteorWrong Page has basic wrongs with great photos - Excellent
Preview by crater Starbit's Test - Can you identify a meteorite from a wrong?.
Preview by crater ASU's Center for Meteorite Studies article - Meteorite pieces more wrong than right - interesting and informative
Preview by crater Steven Dutch's Leaverites: Meteo-Wrongs Page. ("Leaverites" means "Leave 'er right" there or Don't pick it up. Good info.)
Preview by crater The MidWest Meteorite MeteorWrong Collection (lots of unidentified picts. Allow time to load)
Preview by crater Is That Unusual Rock A Meteorite? - No Picts - but accurate relationship of dramatic bolide (fireball) and subsequent 'discovered' wrong.
Preview by crater Putorana-Maybe the Best Meteorwrong - J. Tobin's article on Siberia's controversial mineral.
Preview by crater Shirokovsky wrong - Special Statement by Meteoric al Society - June 2003
Preview by crater Elma Meteor-wrongs (Meteor-wrong fever in Elma Washington) - More info --- Thoughts
Preview by crater Pseudometeorites from the U.K. and Ireland Meteorite Page.
Preview by crater Eaton Meteorite and Nininger - 1931.
Preview by crater The Getafe rock (pseudometeorite) is analyzed. The Meteoritical Bulletin.
Preview by crater The BLECKENSTAD (pseudometeorite)
Preview by crater Kirkpatrick Basalt found during Anarctic Meteorite Search.
Preview by crater Was I hit by a meteorite? - "meteorites melt in the atmosphere, not in your hand."
Preview by crater The BBC and Open University program, Stardate, has posted its promised Become a Meteorite Hunter guide. Part of this is identification information that includes the fact that industrial slag is commonly mistaken for meteorites. Also, Search 'meteorite'!
Preview by crater Geophysical Meteors A different type of meteorwrong! I don't agree with the authors' conclusion of geophysical meteors in most of the reports, however the events lacking any reported meteoritic evidence are very curious. The news accounts alone are worth the visit.
Preview by crater MegaCryometeors - Reports of huge ice chunks that fall from the sky. Prof. Jesus Martinez-Frias provides further research to this terrestrial phenomenon.

Suspect* Meteorite Claims

*Anyone can make a claim that they have found or own an authentic meteorite. It is entirely another matter to offer satisfactory proof via verification by the Meteoritical Society or a recognized classifying institution. The links below lead to web pages of alleged "meteorite" finders/owners which in the opinion of this author, for lack of proper independent verification and/or circumstances associated with the alleged "meteorite", cast doubt on authenticity. This does not mean that it is not a meteorite, only 'suspect' in the opinion of this author.

In Public Places

Is the Black Stone of Paphos a historical meteorite? Norbert Classen travels to Cyprus to discover the truth.

A museum near the Nakhon Phanom Chedi (a Buddhist memorial and temple in Thailand) houses these rocks claimed to be genuine meteorites. [Note: 'meteorites' are associated with the 'chedi'. The old 'chedi' is located 100 meters from the Mekong River. See Mekong River Irons ]

About half way down the page, you will find the photo of what is believed to be a Machu Pichu "meteorite".

If you haven't the time to visit Washington State's only Paranormal Science Museum and see "Debris from the Air Force's first plane crash - a B-25 Bomber and what could be an artifact ['meteorite'] from a UFO the plane was carrying when it crashed," here is the news article containing a more revealing video.

In Windyville, Missouri one will find Historic Lone Rock. "The rock is approximately 100 feet long, 60 feet wide and about 30 feet tall and rumored to have been a meteorite. The large rock was has been the site of Sunday school picnics and gatherings of all kinds.

The Pocahontas Meteorite. 10/04/2008 Update (Thanks to Stephen McMann!)

The Tupelo Meteorite.

The New Orleans' AudubonPark Meteorite of April 1, 1891. Color Photo , plaque photo

Wisconsin cemetery 'meteorite'.


Slovakian Café Soleil 'meteorite'. Cafe owner Friedrich W. Neuhaus claims the 100kg stone was found in a field by his family in the Westerwald region of Germany in 1930. "They analysed it at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen and proved that it really was a rock from outer space." After seeing the photos, I have my doubts. 2010 article

Individual 'Finds'

This finder wants to sell "Alien Vistors (Space Rocks) from Space"

The owner asks, "Is it from Outer Space?" and "Do you want to purchase some?"

Still another "Meteorite or not."

Surprisingly, lack of evidence can cause persons who are very familiar with meteorites to jump to a wishful conclusion, "So far we haven't found any good explanation of the crater except a meteorite." The crater at Eliastorp. ( Do you think that since the 'crater' is in the middle of a road, it's location might be a 'clue'? see- Did a Meteorite Slam Oakland? and Field Report )

Denial is the best 'evidence' why this has to be a meteorite at (slow loading)

Goran Lindfors boasts " It`s me Göran Lindfors from Sweden, with the worlds most beautiful Lunar and martian Mars meteorites. If you read on the Washington university home -site with registered Lunar samples = The evidence are fusion crust, glass with unsorted clasts (agree). But the true is that none of them on the Washington university-list are in hard shocked glass. I have much fusion crust on my pictures ! And of course are all mine in extreme ". Read what Randy Korotev had to say about this individual and his 'meteorites'.

The author of this web site (best view with IE browser) claims 'proof' that meteorite showers start fires. Leave reality at home and journey to the Great Lakes Great Fires Meteorite - The photo of his "most startling piece of evidence ... the recent discovery of a 26.5 kilogram 'carbonaceous chondrite meteorite' on the shores of Lake Huron " does not look like a meteorite. (I wrote the author on 06/16/05 and asked if he had independent verification that the stone was a 'meteorite.' No response.) Here is his so called' proof'. Even if the reader pretends it is a real meteorite, where is the 'evidence' that meteorites fell in 1871 and started fires??? 'Most Startling"??? better arguments

For Sale

Not only does this site contain some 'wrongs' but some strange health misinformation from Bulgaria.

Did you know there were male/female meteorites? (don't ask which is which!) This site (-You may have to site search "meteorites"-)offers "Meteorite Sets" (male/female - don't leave them alone in the same box) from Peru for only $125. What a deal! (not really - see Moqui))

Want to pay meteoritic prices for wrongs? Then shop carefully at the Treasures of the World (scroll down to 'Meteorites') because only 'suspect* meteorites' are listed.

You Tube

* This video by rayoloco5000 proudly exhibits his 'Martian meteorite' and other obvious wrongs.

** A North Carolina wrong? Sorry!

*** Another 'What is it?' wrong.

**** Have I found a meteorite (wrong)


Collection Classics

"The statement I make is that when science tells you that it is not a meteorite, all the graphs, and websites you build will not make it a meteorite. Do you have any idea how many people contact me with "Million Dollar Meteorites", none of which usually turn out to be meteorites. The fact that I refuse to pay them a penny does not dissuade them from believing that the rocks are just that, rocks." - Michael Farmer

ANOTHER space cadet is convinced God has given him a piece of Mars to present to the planet Earth. The problem: The "Conspiracy" is hindering his efforts and he needs your help at Frass "Meteorite". Here is a link to independent test results (large PDF file) that you won't find on the Frass site.

And the Winner Is .....

THE Best Meteorwrong Award goes to The Emerald Meteorite

BEWARE: Not all 'wrong' sites are listed. Some sites may appear legit but may not be. Be alert to self proclaimed experts who self 'classify' their 'meteorites' but are not Meteoritical Society approved testing facilities or individuals. Do not let the cry of 'conspiracy' obscure a seller's omission of independent verification and classification.

Just because a Google or Yahoo search may result with a site found on many web lists of science links, this is not necessarily evidence of the site being scientifically sound or being approved by the scientific community.

Motives? Actions often reveal motives regardless of what is stated. For example: Would you find it suspicious of a person selling a '$100K diamond' not to let the item first be independently appraised? In order to explain this strange action, the seller implies that all the jewelers in the world have conspired against him because he claims to have 'exposed' a local jeweler's 'misconduct'. In other words, all the jewelers in the world (persons who have no financial stake in this item) are not to be trusted but the seller with the unverifiable 'diamond' for sale is to be trusted? What kind of transaction would you conclude this to be? What would you say is the motive?

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