Wed, 10 Mar 2010 09:19 EST

Meteorite Lit Up The Sky, Fragments Found In Catamarca, Argentina

A glittering stone caught a woman's attention Fiambalá, Argentina, the rock with now be analyzed by specialists.

Some inhabitants of the Catamarcan town Fiambalá (in the Northwest of Argentina) claim to have seen a meteorite and its fragments fall last Monday night. A woman found them, and they will now be analyzed by specialists from The National University of Catamarca.

The event took place in Juan Manuel Salas, one of Fiambalá's quarters, in the Tinogasta Department, situated at approximately 350km in the West of the province's capital where its inhabitants claim a fireball fell at about 10 p.m., followed by a trail of light.

The neigbors thought that this could be a meteorite, no bigger than a football.

Norma Olmedo, who lives in the area, declared today for the radio station FM Ancasti that she filmed the fall with her cell phone which was how she was able to locate the fragments.

Olmedo, who at that time was with her son, stated that "Monday, after 10 p.m., a source of light" lit up the sky behind her and caught her attention.

As she turned around, she "saw a reddish ball falling from the sky, leaving behind a very bright trail", she declared.

She claims that on arriving in the area where she and her son believed the fireball hit the ground, she discovered "a stone that was still glittering".

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In the meantime, this morning The National University of Catamarca informed that a group of its specialists and of those belonging to the Direction of anthropology would travel to Fiambalá in the afternoon in order to establish a report on the alleged meteorite.