[meteorite-list] 1891 Newspaper Article, Hungary Meteorite

Mark Bostick thebigcollector at msn.com
Thu Aug 15 13:13:30 EDT 2002

Paper: Manitoba Morning Free Press City: Winnipeg, MB 
Date: February 09, 1891

The Work of an Aerolite

A phenomenon is reported from Toth-Aradaez, in Hungary, where an  
aerolite of eighty pounds weight is said to have fallen with such force  
that it opened a spring of water in the earth. As the neighborhood was  
badly supplied with water the inhabitants are talking of the occurrence  
as providential. The aerolite has been purchased for $1,000 by an  
Anglo-Australian who has a collection of such things, and who happened  
to be the guest of Count Harnon-court whose seat is near Toth-Aradaca. -  
New Orleans Picayune


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