Eagle Butte

[meteorite-list] Eagle Butte - Anyone knows this meteorite?

Tettenborn tett at bmts.com
Sat Feb 2 18:01:30 EST 2002

Matteo and List,

I was also curious about this "Canadian Meteorite".  The U of  Calgary
meteorite page (http://www.geo.ucalgary.ca/cdnmeteorites/) does not mention
Eagle Butte.

Yet, there is an Eagle Butte crater in southern Alberta.

Eagle Butte Alberta, Canada
Lat. 49.70; Long: -110.58 Diam. (km): 19; Age (My): 65 +/-
Sawatzky, H. B. ; Two probable late Cretaceous astroblemes in western
Canada; Eagle Butte, Alberta and Dumas, Saskatchewan; Geophysics, v. 41n. 6,
p. 1261-1271, 1976

I seriously doubt that these "iron meteorites" could survive since the late
cretaceous unless very fortunate entombment (Lake Murray scenario) occurred
after impact.

Anyone else have any info?


Mike Tettenborn

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> Hello all
> http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1068089590
> I have look on Catalogue of Meteorites but I no have
> find.....someone know?

> Regards
> Matteo

[meteorite-list] Someone of you knows this meteorite?

Tracy Latimer tracyl at lib.state.hi.us
Sat Feb 2 18:47:46 EST 2002

I bought one of this guy's probable meteorwrongs; I figured what the heck?
I could use another sample of meteorwrong.  Funny thing is, now
there is another guy selling "Eagle Butte meteorites" as well.  Wonder how
many people will start selling them now.  Wonder how they're getting
around the "non-export of Canadian meteorites" restrictions :-)

Tracy Latimer

[meteorite-list] Re: Eagle Butte - Anyone knows this meteorite? ANSWER from dealer

Matteo Chinellato mcomemeteorite2000 at yahoo.it
Sun Feb 3 02:22:27 EST 2002

Hello all
This is the answer from the dealer of this piece,
after my question from where arrive this " meteorite":

Hello! The fragments are form the Eagle Butte Astrobleme. 
They are also similar to those found from the 
Steen River impact of Northern Alberta. Here are some links 
you might find interesting to help you with their locations.

Alberta Phanerozoic Tectonic Features
Structures-including two impacts-formed in the last half-billion 
years, from the Alberta Geological Survey.

Impact Sites - References (A-G)
Terrestrial Impact Crater Structures
North America Impact Structures
Best Regards Always,
GeoPaleo Guy

[meteorite-list] Eaggle Butte little reassumed

Matteo Chinellato mcomemeteorite2000 at yahoo.it
Fri Feb 22 03:15:09 EST 2002

hello all

Then, this is a small reassumed of the situation:

After my demand care greater information on the
meteorite Eagle Butte, this personage has said to me
that the meteorite had been found in the place
described in the first email that I have sent to you.
To my second answer, informing that it did not turn
out in the Catalogue of Meteorites this meteorite and
that ne I wanted to know more, the person has sended
the first email to me: 

Hey, IDIOT! Are you telling me that the University of 
Calgary and a university in Miami not to mention
myself (having a PhD in Geology/Paleontology and a
 BSc with a major in Astrophysics) are liars? I know this
guy very well and have seen the meteorites first hand. 
They are genuine! ALSO, he does not require a permit
to sell them, I talked to the government of Alberta for 
him to obtain all the necessary documents needed
to sell, THERE WERE NONE REQUIRED! If you would 
like to contact them yourself, go ahead. As far as I am
concerned if you do not stop contacting all of his 
buyers I will have you suspended from eBay. I have
studied the area from which these meteorites were 
collected, if you knew what a map looked like you
would see the astrobleme for yourself (considering 
you know what the hell an astrobleme is). If you know how
to read coordinates the site is located at Lat.49.70, 
Long. 110.58 on the Alberta Geological Survey's
Geological map of Alberta, you can find this map on 
the Alberta Geological Surveys Web site, I'd send you
the link but I have no patients for people who speak 
before they think or RESEARCH!!!!! Another note, you
addressed the e-mail you sent me "Dear Sir", 
well unless I've grown a p_nis in the time it's taken you
to get your small minded theories on to an e-mail to 
irritate people you don't even know and make a
complete ass out of yourself, I prefer to be called "Dr. 
or Ma'am". You have no idea how stupid you sound.
These meteorites are for real so I suggest you get a 
life and find another hobby, maybe something you're
good at, because you obviously can't tell genuine 
material from the empty space in your head. One more
thing, IF it were illegal to sell these items on e-Bay, 
e-Bay would have sent notification of such, not
only this but there are numerous Professors, Geologists, 
Paleontologists, etc., etc. who watch e-Bay like hawks 
to ensure that Alberta's protected resources are not 
being sold illegally over the internet. A good friend and 
collegue of mine has contacted this seller to let him 
know that he was not to sell some of his other items 
due to protectability under the Alberta Government, 
for example, dinosaur bones I believe you notably 
criticized as being 'cattle bones' (if my recollection 
serves me correctly). This seller has sent me numerous 
copies of your rediculous e-mails, I gave him all the
information he needed to deal with your sorry _ss 
and now you're taking up my time. I write this letter 
not as a professional but as a friend, so please, 
don't go opening your big mouth to people you 
don't know, when you don't know what you are talking 
about; that is unless you enjoy making an _ss out of yourself. 
Do not try to contact me again, I WILL have you 
suspended from e-Bay for harassment of buyers and
obstruction of a sellers auctions.
T.L. Schimpf, PhD. BSc.

To mine third demand for why this behavior, the kind
Miss. has sent me the second email: 

YOU SICK-O. I will now be contacting e-Bay about you and 
you WILL be suspended. Are you hearing impaired or what
because you sound worse than a two year old. Also, the 
Eagle "BUTTE" (not Button) Astrobleme
is not a meteorite, it is the impact site of the meteorite. 
I really want to know what makes you so sure that 
this rock that my friend excavated is not a meteorite 
when he went through testing proceedures for over a
year to make absolutely sure that's what it was. Not 
only that, but to sit on your pompas _ss and call me
a liar. I am part of a highly elite team of experts that 
explores and excavates such rare finds. I sit on the board
of trustee's at the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, 
AB. But you who thinks he is all enlightened are trying
to tell me that I'm wrong when clearly my four year son 
has obviously obtained a higher IQ than you. You
should really read your e-mails before you send them, 
you sound like you have down syndrome.
tlc_asap PhD., BSc.

To my demand to moderate the language otherwise I
would have taken provisions in merit with ebay and
listing to all meteorites with Eagle beginning found
in the Catalogue of Meteorites asking where the Eagle
Butte was found, the person sends me this email: 

For starters the Catalogue of Meteorites of the British 
Museum is also incorrect as I have 31 samples that have 
never been recorded in any books and are totally unclassified. 
If you rely all your sources in books, then there 
is your answer.  You have a lot of nerve to contact me 
again and having others doing the same. You are a first 
class pr_ck.  Stick to making lables, it seems you do 
not know jack about meteorites and their locations, 
only what the books tell you. Lighten up, I will be reporting 
to eBay again about your inflicting the rights of
 privacy from others. Stop contacting fellow friends and 
workers. I do not tollerate your kind. 

[meteorite-list] Re: Eagle Butte - "Dr." Schimpf and the Royal Tyrell Museum

Sharkkb8 at aol.com Sharkkb8 at aol.com
Fri Feb 22 12:58:05 EST 2002

In regard to the rather astonishingly crude and unprofessional emails Matteo 
has been receiving from the self-styled member of the Board of Trustees of 
the Royal Tyrell Museum in Alberta, I sent a polite email to the Museum, 
explaining the situation in nonaccusatory terms, and asking about Dr. 
Schimpf's relationship, if any, to the institution. They have very kindly 
emailed me back, as follows.  The response is not surprising, but gratifying 
to know.   Hmmm, I just might have a few spare moments to write a little 
colorful email today....Matteo, what was that email address for "Dr." 

Schimpf, again?!
(Anyone else?)


Dear Mr. Wilson, 
In response to your recent email, the Royal Tyrrell Museum 
is not governed by a board of trustees. Our Cooperating 
Society, which is a non-profit organization which supports 
the operation of the Museum, is made up of a 10-member 
board. However, T.L. Schimpf is not one of its members - nor have 
we heard of this individual. 

The Royal Tyrrell Museum focuses on Alberta's palaeontological 
history and is not directly involved in the study or exhibition 
of meteorites. 

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings. 

Marty Eberth
Media and Community Relations
Royal Tyrrell Museum
PO Box 7500 Drumheller, Alberta, Canada  T0J 0Y0



Dear good Museum folks,

A person by the name of T.L. Schimpf has been defending the sale of an 
alleged Canadian "meteorite" on ebay, named "Eagle Butte".  This meteorite 
name is not recognized by the Meteoritical Society, and potential buyers have 
been emailing this person accordingly, questioning the "meteorite's" 
authenticity.  There have alledgedly been email responses from this Dr. 
Schimpf, who claims to be on your Museum's Board of Trustees, which have been 
threatening, obscene and astonishingly unprofessional.   

If this person is not associated with your Museum, and is merely dishonestly 
claiming to be, I think it's important that you know that someone is 
fraudulently representing you.   And if this person does represent your 
Museum (and is doing such a poor job of it) and is knowingly endorsing the 
sale of a fraudulent meteorite, I would think you would want to know that, 

Either way, it appears your good Museum may have a problem.  Those of us 
concerned are only interested in establishing the truth, so I welcome your 
comments.   Thank you very much.

Gregory Wilson
I.M.C.A. #5877
2118 Wilshire Blvd #918
Santa Monica, CA 90403

[meteorite-list] Re: Eagle Butte - "Dr." Schimpf and the Royal Tyrell Museum

Tracy Latimer tracyl at lib.state.hi.us
Fri Feb 22 14:12:55 EST 2002

That's an absolutely LOVELY letter.  Short and to the point.  I'd
seriously consider sending a copy to Ebay/SafeHarbor.  They probably won't
do anything about it, but it would be another link in the chain of
evidence against this yoyo.

I just received my piece of the "Eagle Butte Meteorite"
yesterday.  By casual inspection, it looks like a piece of slag 
that had formed as a crust, then broken loose, almost rectangular 
and roughly the size or a pack of matches.  Along the broken 
edges are small crystalline structures. I've never had the heart 
or enough samples of a metallic meteorite to fracture or smack 
one with a hammer; if you whacked a Sikhote hard enough to 
break it in one shot, would it show any type of crystal structure along
the broken edge?

Other than that, I'm pretty sure Eagle Butte (Button; I think I'm going to
call it that from now on, thanks Matteo :-) is a bust.

Tracy Latimer
--learning in the School of Hard Knocks--

[meteorite-list] Re: Eagle Butte - "Dr." Schimpf and the Royal Tyrell Museu

MARK BOSTICK thebigcollector at msn.com
Fri Feb 22 14:21:37 EST 2002

Hello All,

As I was saying about a week ago I have few samples of 
this meteorite I have just gotten I am willing to send out. 
I should probley look up  Wassen's e-mail and see if 
he is interseted in looking at them.  If someone has it handy
please send it to me and I will see what he thinks.  
Other then that I am meeting with my Universtiy next week 
and maybe I can test them in one of their labs.  I'm really 
busy so I prefer to send them to Wasson...who is kinda the 
metal expert...:-) I would just do a simple nickle  test....:-)

Here is information that was giving to me a couple months 
ago form the first seller when they first started being sold.
I think they are probley impactite but they look more like 
meteorite shale then the impactite in my collection.  He has
also printed a little information sheet with the ones I received......

Eagle Butte Alberta, Canada 
Lat. 49.70; Long: -110.58 Diam. (km): 19; Age (My): 65 +/-. 
The composition of the fragments are about 80%Fe and 20%Ni. 
Its between the Bearpaw and Oldman formations Cretaceous/Tertiary. 
I knew about the crater for years, but figured it was
only an impact blast crater until I met the landowner 
who's property borders a part of the crater.  I met him through my
grandfather, they used to ranch together in the old days.  
He has had lots of people ask for permission to explore the
crater, but he turns them away.  Government and Geologists, 
Paleontologist's alike tried getting permission and were 
denied as well.  I am one of the lucky ones I guess, I found 
several fragments small and large.  Who says it's what you
know to get anywhere in this world, It's who you know that 
will get you there.  I am permitted to enter his property and
explore and collect as I please.  Not to many large 
fragments were found but there are some buried deeper.  
Detectors go wild there.  There are probably 100 or more 
collectors who have the Eagle Butte specimens but only few sell them. 
I am probably the first in this part of Alberta to sell mine.  It is 
an Iron meteorite crater though. All specimens are magnetic 
and quite heavy and others are heat glazed.  I am purchasing 
a scale soon to measure their weights and try to sell more. 
Check out my auctions and see what you think. I can sell or 
trade some to you for a good  deal if you interested.

Keith Crawford

Mark Bostick "The Big Collector"

Eaglebutte Part 2